Min Won & Associates



Tax Consulting

Family Wealth Planning

Planning and distribution of assets to your family can be fruitful experience with huge tax savings when appropriate trusts and estates are set up properly. We have the expertise to reach out for your financial goals.

We want to help maximize your company's performance. Schedule a consultation appointment with one of our certified public accountant so we can inform your business about latest tax benefits that can specifically be utilized to match your business goals.

Individual Wealth Planning

It is never too early to plan for your financial future. We offer services specifically catered to young new professionals. Tell us your goals, and Min Won & Associates will take you there.

Small Businesses

Whether your businesses is new, or established, we provide expertise and services to ensure that your businesses will continue to meet your goals.

Our Clients Come From All Walks Of Life

Every business needs professionals to manage their expenditures, salaries, profits, and growth. Whether you sell products or services, Min Won & Associates is the one-stop-shop to take your personal and business goals to the next level and beyond.

In additions to providing accounting services, we are your one-stop-shop to achieve your personal or business goals. We also provide estate planning, escrow services, and business consulting for small businesses. Our no.1 goal is to achieve a profitable outcome for our clients, and we will not settle for anything less.

Our Services

Live Your American Dream

Starting a new business in the U.S. can be a daunting task. We will provide a one-stop experience to reduce your turnaround time. As a result you will achieve status to reside in the U.S. as business owners with possibilities to become citizens. We have certified accountants to plan for your business, and immigration attorneys to ensure that all immigration documents are filed correctly. We will take you to your dream.